What is a Blog? Why is a Blog Important?

Friday, February 4, 2011
First I believe a definition is in order:  Blog – a blend of the terms “web” and “log”, are literally online diaries with articles, writings, photos, web links or other entries made by the blogs' creators, or "bloggers.  Whether it is personal or specific to an industry, a blog allows a person to post their opinions about any subject they want and can even allow readers to post comments back.  

Now - why it is important?…part of the ongoing challenge of search engine optimization is making sure the search engines have new content or copy that will draw them back to your site more often – keep them interested in your website is the name of the game.  Since no one wants to rewrite the copy on their website daily, weekly, monthly or honestly, even yearly, a blog can help to fill the need.  By posting a blog, daily or at minimum weekly, you are putting new content on your website continually.  

There is one thing that you need to remember – consistence is the key!  If you are going to post once a week then make sure you do it!  Posting one today and then not posting another one for several months isn’t going to help.  It is the consistency of adding new content that keep the search engines interested.  

The other bonus to blogging is once you get up and running people find your blog will tell others about it, or even repost something you posted with a link back to your website!  Making blogging important for another reason – search engines take into account how many back links you have coming into your website from other sites that are relevant to whatever subject your website is about.  The more you have the higher you could be ranked in the search engine results!  

So now you have two VERY good reasons to blog and last but certainly not least, if you are blogging for professional reasons, the more relevant and useful posts you make on your blog, you could eventually be seen as an “expert” in your particular field!  

If you have decided a blog is next on your online strategy list – contact Sales & Marketing Technologies!  We can get you started blogging today!
Mary Brautigan 2/4/2011 11:47:00 AM

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