Utilizing a Content Managment System

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Website development and design has come along way from having to hire someone that specialized in complicated programming to be able to build a website.  And then once it was built you would have to pay them more money to make any kind of changes – even if it was just to correct a typo!  Not only did that get expensive but it usually didn’t happen quickly.  You were at their mercy – they would get to it when they got to it or you could pay a “rush” charge if you wanted it done at least within a week.

Not anymore!  Open source content management systems, such as Joomla and Druple, as well as asp.net content management systems (more commonly known as a CMS) have made getting an online presence and then maintaining it easier than ever before.  Once the initial website is built and live you are able to go in and edit text, add or delete pages, swap out images, integrate and manage your blog posts as well as capturing vital information from those that choose to contact you through the website.

Being able to manage your online leads is critical in this day and age where every sales opportunity must be taken advantage of.  Many content management systems allow you to track all leads coming in through the “Contact Us” form on the website.  You can then login to the system and gather more information than ever before.  You not only can get the name and contact information of the person wanting to get information from you but with many systems you can actually dig down and find out exactly where the lead came from – from what search engine or website all the way down to what exact keyword phrase they typed in to find you.  

Knowing this kind of information added to other website statistics that can be gathered from analytic programs like Google Analytics is invaluable in learning exactly what your target market is search for, allowing you to better target your website content as well as Pay Per Click keyword terms.  You will know exactly what keyword phrases are driving contact and revenue for your business.

Also by being able to capture their contact information in a database enables you to export that information and add it to your email marketing list. Keeping your business top of mind with these contacts.  You can segment your lists in your third party email software by existing client/customer and potential client/customers and adjust your messages to them accordingly.

Technology has gotten easier for even the person with little to know knowledge of website development. Finally giving control of one of the biggest marketing assets a company can have back to you – the owner!

Mary Brautigan 11/2/2010 10:14:00 AM

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