Marketing to the Mobile Device Generation

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
I am sure you have all noticed that the internet is now - mobile!  How could you not notice that even if people aren't talking on their cell phones they are still walking with their heads down in them. With the invention of the "smartphone" consumers now carry everything they need with them in one, small, hand-held device.  They can access everything - from anywhere - and do as often as possible.  From email to games - phone numbers to websites - it is all there in the palm of their hand. 
According to statistics, Q2 of 2010 showed a 50.5% increase in the sales of smartphones over the same period in 2009.  And with the introduction of wireless, web-enabled MP3 players like Apple's iTouch even the younger generation are cutting their teeth on accessing the web - on the go! 
Understanding the opportunities this presents to your business can become an important part of your overall marketing strategy.  The "third screen" (as it is called in the industry) is a viable marketing venue as well as a possible revenue stream.  Ensuring that people using these devices can view your website clearly and navigate easily can increase your online web statistics such as visitors, length of stay, number of pages viewed as well as your conversions. 

Or better yet, do what some of the big names have done, and create an application specifically for a brand of smartphones like Android or iPhone which can be downloaded for a fee or for free.  This keeps consumers engaged with your brand, even if they aren't on your website - keeping you top of mind over your competitors!
Looking into the not so distant future (by the year 2015) it is estimated that consumers worldwide will buy almost $120 billion worth of goods and services with their mobile devices!  
So the question becomes...Where do I sign up?

Mary Brautigan 9/8/2010 2:26:00 PM

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