Manage Your Online Leads

You have a website and you know people are finding it so how can you manage everyone who may be contacting you through it?  SMT Conversion Site ® has the answer!
Our ASP.NET content management system also includes a built in lead management tool.  This tool not only captures all contacts made via your website through your “Contact Us” form but allows you to better understand how visitors are finding you. Utilizing the following data capturing tools:
  • Lead Origin Tracking
  • Lead Referrer Tracking
  • Statistics & Reporting Modules
You can now track your online leads back to what keyword phrase they typed in!  Allowing you to get a better understanding of how people are finding your website and what keyword phrases you should optimize your website for.  
All of this information is stored in a database that is easily exportable to Excel so you can dissect and capture important user information to better understand and market your business. All while allowing you to mark the leads you have called on or forward leads to a specific sales person within your organization – all of this in one, easy to access location!

Contact us today to learn how you can get our online lead management tool working for you!