ASP. NET CMS Add-On Options

You need a website that grows as your business grows! Having to start at square one with your website every time you need to add functionality due to increased growth can be time consuming and expensive.  By utilizing SMT Conversion Site®; you have the ability to increase your website’s functionality without having to build an entirely new website every time.  Our content management system allows for the addition of modules that can be purchased separately and integrated as needed into your existing website.
Below is a list of currently available ASP.Net modules:
  • Testimonials
  • Newsletter/Third Party Email Solution integration
  • Photo Gallery
  • Form Generator
  • News/Press Releases
  • Employment Listing and Application
  • Events with RSVP
  • Products with Categories and Sub-Categories
  • E-Commerce Shopping Cart
  • Site Search Function
  • File Download
  • FAQ
You can customize your website to fit your needs and make your company’s internet interaction easy for your users increasing your ability to increase leads and sales.
In addition to these easy to add modules, we can also do custom module builds for your specific needs.

Want to further enhance your conversion site's design?

SMT offers the following design upgrades:
  • Rotating Home Page Image
  • Graphics Package
  • Design Tool Assistance
  • DHTML Dropdowns
  • Website Development Package
  • Content Development Package
  • Custom Design  
Let SMT Conversion Site®; help you take control of your internet presence and partner with you to build a solid foundation with our ASP.NET content management system.  Call us today 407.682.2222.