Company Overview

SMT Keeps Clients Because...
At SMT we have to prove our value every month and if you feel the we are not providing the service you want then just give us 30 days notice and you are done. Many of our competitors often make clients sign long term 12 month agreements and make you pay for their services whether you are satisfied or not.
Basically, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by Contacting SMT at 407.682.2222. If you act today, maybe you will be able to boast Breakthrough Results like these in 2009.
  • Sales increased 200% in 2 Years!
  • Conversion Costs Reduce by over 35% in a Year
  • Monthly Year over Year Leads Increase 4 Years in a Row
Yes, Real Clients with Breakthrough Results
Results that came from an understanding of our clients business, target market, and goals. From there we developed their plan for success.
If you are looking for a company to partner with who can advise and implement your online marketing strategy, then SMT is the company for you.
And we are just a phone call away at 407.682.2222. If you are not quite sure whether SMT is right Internet Marketing company for you, I encourage you to read our Blog and Contact SMT when you are ready to Plan Your Success.